Talent Value Management

“Liberating Organisational Growth”

Are you engaged in an onerous Talent Administration Process or are you engaged in a process that adds value to your organisation?

TVM is a robust, practical philosophy and process that assists organisations in linking their Talent Agenda to key organisational outcomes – revenue, margins, cost reduction and market share.

Organisations today need to place a higher demand on their Key Talent to drive incremental value, however the percentage of time spent on directing, focusing and enabling these Key Talent (or Most Valued Talent – MVT) to unlock value is minuscule compared to the time allocated to Talent Administrative and Process activities.

The TVM philosophy and process answers 6 questions:
  1. What are our core business outcomes?
  2. What are the Distinctive Internal Organisation Capabilities that we need to build to achieve the outcomes?
  3. What are the Critical Roles needed to build those Distinctive Internal Organisation Capabilities?
  4. Who are the key Talent in those critical roles that need to drive the Distinctive Internal Organisation Capabilities and achieve those outcomes?
  5. What is the value that these Key Talent should deliver?
  6. What do we need to do to help the Key Talent unlock the value?

Below is a conceptual view of a Talent Value Grid (TVG)* which visually captures the Talent Value Mapping process